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Good Coffee Vs. Bad Coffee seems to be the argument of the day! Coffee, a drink lots of people need to start their day and stay active through the day is so much cherished that they cannot afford to have its quality compromised. However, regardless of whether one can do with or without it, the coffee must be worth its purchase. While some people don’t actually mind what they drink, some do, but certain factors distinguish between good and bad coffee.


There are specific components of Coffee that helps to distinguish the good from the bad. These components are what tell the difference, and they include:

ROASTING: This involves the process of making the coffee from the coffee beans. Roasting determines the look, feel and taste of the coffee after being brewed. Well-roasted coffee has a good taste, smooth flavor and doesn’t char, stick or look ashy.

AROMA: The aroma of a coffee can make or mar that coffee. Good coffee would always smell appealing and inviting. If coffee is bad may either be odorless or have a burnt smell. They say, “the worth of a coffee is in its aroma.”

TASTE: This is the major distinguishing factor of Good Coffee Vs Bad Coffee. The taste depicts how the coffee was prepared, the type of beans used its flavor and even the origin and where the coffee beans was sourced from. The taste buds would give credence to a good taste or a bad taste. Good coffee doesn’t taste bland, too dry, too sour or too sweet. It just about sits right with the buds and gives the perfect taste. Bad coffee could be too dry, too sweet, too sour, too bitter, or even bland.

BODY: This is how heavy or weighty the coffee is. Coffee is more viscous than water, hence, shouldn’t feel like water in the mouth. It must have some weight but must not feel sludge-like. Coffee drinkers often savor the body of a good coffee.


After drinking a cup of coffee, there is this lingering taste afterward, known as the AFTERTASTE. Good coffee has a pleasant aftertaste whereas; bad coffee has a sticky, sour or bitter aftertaste.


Getting good coffee could be a difficult task as not all cafe or coffee-serving restaurant serve good coffees. A cafe or restaurant that serve good coffee would always serve fresh coffee, prioritize quality over quantity and profit and be willing to provide adequate information on the coffee type and preparation. Good coffee is freshly brewed, smooth in the mouth, creamy and all-around refreshing enough to keep you active through the day. These elements distinguish good coffee from bad coffee and can help a coffee drinker make a choice.

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