Brief History As a coffee lover

I have always been enthusiastic about exploring the world of coffee and providing great, tasting coffee for others like me. This led to the birth of Berm Berm Coffees. With great support and help from my father, Berm Berm Coffees has been able to satisfy the needs of coffee, and tea lovers all over Siem Reap and nearby communities.

About Berm Berm Coffees

Berm Berm Coffees is a reputable coffee shop that is recognized to serve great coffee in Siem Reap. Our coffees are brewed from premium coffee beans handpicked from local farmers in the Mondulkiri Province. With this, we have been able to provide freshly brewed coffee, hot tea, espresso, and lots more, to kids and adults all over the Siem Reap area. Our aim is to ensure that you derive outstanding pleasure and health benefit from every cup of coffee or tea you take. We have an amazing variety of your flavorful, smooth, and rich coffee and tea required to satisfy your coffee needs at our coffee shop. We are perfect to help you achieve maximum satisfaction from your favorite espresso. Furthermore, all our coffee beans and ingredients are sourced naturally. We work with these local farmers in the Mondulkiri Province to obtain these premium coffee beans. We will handle all the processes involved just for you to derive all the health benefits coffee has to offer. Individuals, families, and guest in Siem Reap turn to our coffee shop whenever they need a cup of coffee, hot tea, or espresso.

Our Core Values

We promise to continue making use of our core values of quality services, reliability, integrity, trust, and transparency, to provide fresh, smooth, and superior quality coffee flavor for families all Siem Reap.

Good Services

Natural Place


Our Mission and Vision

• To make some of the best coffee, hot tea, espresso and coffee flavors available to kids and adults. 

• To sell coffee and tea that bring wonderful moments to mind. 

• To fuel your life with premium quality, freshly brewed, great tasting coffee and tea 

• To help you live a quality and great life. Our Staff At Berm Berm Coffees, we work with a friendly, kind, and compassionate team. Our waiters, attendants, and serves will attend to you promptly and ensure that you are offered the very best of customer services.

Our Coffee Beans Are Sourced Locally At Berm Berm Coffees, we do not compromise on our integrity. We handpick out coffee locally, directly from the source. Our exclusive, old-style method of handpicking coffee ensure that we get some of the best, premium quality coffee beans from local farmers in the Mondulkiri Province. With this, we can offer you a better-tasting, freshly brewed coffee and tea that will be of great health benefits.

Visit our coffee shop today to experience what premium coffee really looks like. We offer the best coffees in Siem Reap. An amazing experience awaits you.